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    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing in technique researching of printing consumable items such as printer ink cartridges,toner cartridges, and so on. The perfect printing effect is our purpose. Now we have the professional R&D team of printer ink cartridges with more than 10 expert technicians. With the development of our printer ink cartridges technical innovation and research experience, now we own our unique production technology...

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    Usage & Maintenance

    Usage & Maintenance


    Printer Ink Cartridge Care and Maintenance
    Because printer ink cartridges are somewhat delicate objects, printer ink cartridges should always be handled with care. If they are not, then you might not be getting the full life or performance out of your printer ink cartridges. There are two different types of ink cartridges and two different ways to handle and troubleshoot them, as you will see below.
    HP, Lexmark and Dell – most of the cartridges made by these manufacturers will have a print head on the bottom, which means that they require special care. The print head is a sensitive piece of equipment, so it should never be touched. This is because it can get scratched very easily or else you could somehow damage the nozzles of the cartridge where the ink actually comes out. The print head is important because it is the way the cartridge communicates with the printer, so if it gets too scratched or damaged then there is a chance your machine will not even recognize the cartridge. You will notice that when you buy the cartridge there is a piece of tape covering the print head, so it is a good idea to keep it covered like that when the cartridge is not in the printer.
    If for some reason your print head has been exposed for too long and your cartridge nozzles have become dried out and blocked, then you can try soaking your cartridge. Cartridges can dry out if they are left opened or empty for too long, or even if they are left unused in your printer for a long period.
    Epson, Canon and Brother – most ink cartridges for these manufacturers don’t require as much care as the ones mentioned above. Unlike HP cartridges or Lexmark cartridges, these cartridges would be more accurately described as ink tanks. In the case of clear Canon or Brother Cartridges, you can clearly see what they are; plastic tanks with ink inside and a sealed up bottom portion. The main thing you have to worry about with cartridges like these is that you do not break the seal on the bottom of them unless you are putting them in your printer. If you do this, the cartridge will be exposed to air and dry out, and there won’t be anything you can do about it since you cannot soak these types of cartridges.

    Printing head cleaning
    Printing problems such as breezing, point breaking and line breaking could happen on inkjet without working for long time. To solve the problem you have to clean the printing head of inkjet. Most of inkjets can self clean its printing head while starting up without the function button of cleaning.
    Take Canon for example, most of its inkjets have the functions of fast cleaning, regular cleaning and thorough cleaning. You can clean it according to its operation manual. However, if it still can’t print perfectly after cleaning, it might be out of ink and need replace new ink cartridge. Before the ink cartridge is empty, you’d better not replace it or you will waste ink and cost printer wrong measure of ink. Generally speaking, inner printer in short time the ink doesn’t deteriorate like harden. So you don’t have to take the ink cartridge out. But if your printer didn’t work for a real long time, it is indeed that take ink cartridge out in order to avoid of ink deterioration and make its service life longer.

    Tip 1 Print head maintenance
    First thing is to get the carriage to move into the ink cartridge replacement position usually pressing the paper feed button will make the carriage move. Once the carriage moves from its parked position just unplug the printer.

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