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    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing in technique researching of printing consumable items such as printer ink cartridges,toner cartridges, and so on. The perfect printing effect is our purpose. Now we have the professional R&D team of printer ink cartridges with more than 10 expert technicians. With the development of our printer ink cartridges technical innovation and research experience, now we own our unique production technology...

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    9th ReChina Asia Expo Nov.15-17

    9th ReChina Asia Expo Nov.15-17

    • Time:2011-12-06
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    9th ReChina Asia Expo Nov.15-17

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    Time flies, it was not so long from our last Zhuhai trade show on Oct.. In Nov,15 to 17, we begin another new journey on Shanghai. ---Rechina Asia Expo 2011, W5192 Booth. It was last for three days.

    Our nice decorated booth attracted a lot of customers, who were highly interested in our products. You know, compatible and remanufactured printer inkjet cartridges are a good way to save the printing cost. Meanwhile, we brougth a abroad range of models for mainly brands in the market, hot sellers, refurbished and new compatible ink cartridge. And customers liked our neutral color box packaging very much. We always dedicated to offer our high quality products at the most competitive price with excellent service to our customers. So was this trade show.

    Trade show is a direct way to search for and meet buyers, make friends and know printer consumable field. Wish our professional team's thoughtful service brought you a nice business trip on Shanghai. And we are looking forward to seeing you next time. Thanks for your attention.

    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

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