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    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing in technique researching of printing consumable items such as printer ink cartridges,toner cartridges, and so on. The perfect printing effect is our purpose. Now we have the professional R&D team of printer ink cartridges with more than 10 expert technicians. With the development of our printer ink cartridges technical innovation and research experience, now we own our unique production technology...

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    New Journey start here “Remaxasia 2011 Expo”

    New Journey start here “Remaxasia 2011 Expo”

    • Time:2011-11-04
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    New Journey start here “Remaxasia 2011 Expo”

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    • Time:2011-11-04 00:00
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                                                            New Journey start here “Remaxasia 2011 Expo”
    With the new season coming around,our team started a new journey to zhu hai attenting the annual Remaxasia Expo. Oct.13th~15th 2011  Hall 2 H500 booth. Autumn is the seanson for harvesting,for those people done lot of preparation in Spring. So this time we came for our new goal in zhu hai.


    Trade is the best way for us to communicate with the customers,nice booth with our hot selling products in it,attracted lots of clients for visiting.As a manufacturer in producing the remanufactured print head ink cartridges,we got several advantages with the variety and latest products.We are competitve as we are professional in this line,as we are ues our heart for the whole job in the trade.


    This is the trade to know new people,also a trade to meet our old friends.We are here not only for business and orders,it’s a good platform for communicating with the customers and the other suppliers.With those jobs,we have learned a lot,which can help us make a good improvement in the next show.It’s another precious apperence makes we go further on the way to success.
    Expect our better perfomance in the next tade show ReChina Asia 2011 Expo Autumn.Welcome to join us.

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