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    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing in technique researching of printing consumable items such as printer ink cartridges,toner cartridges, and so on. The perfect printing effect is our purpose. Now we have the professional R&D team of printer ink cartridges with more than 10 expert technicians. With the development of our printer ink cartridges technical innovation and research experience, now we own our unique production technology...

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    Rechina Asia Expo 2011

    Rechina Asia Expo 2011

    • Time:2011-05-31
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    Rechina Asia Expo 2011

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    • Time:2011-05-31 00:00
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    Journey of the heart on “Rechina Asia Expo 2011”

    On April 20-22 in the biggest printer consumable fair in Asia, “Rechina Asia Expo 2011” Shanghai, we are an exhibitor with booth C23 as one of the minority manufacturer mainly in inkjet cartridge. Due to in the large whole hall, seldom booth displayed ink cartridge, even seldom booth displayed inkjet cartridge. Most of others are about toner cartridge, ink, chip, or refilling machine etc, therefore we realized that is really a pretty advantage for us inkjet cartridge manufacturer, and we did our best with big attractive posters and best warmly service, really got lots of clients in related intention within the only 3 days.

    With deep interests in the appearance of our inkjet cartridge, clients always felt free to touch and take apart the clip on the back of cartridge to see our normal original chip and perfect inkjet head. Some were prefer the new cartridge without any logo on the surface of cartridge, but not with original empty shell, we all promised that we could make it whatever they liked. Besides, our neutral colored packing box also had been attractive for clients, coz quality materials and very delicate simple design, they can also request us to paste their own logo just depend on their special design and wont cost too much.

    For a satisfying product, another important thing for customer must be the price. Every clients who came to our booth, we’ll sincerely show them our whole pricelist if they really seems have interests. As we are trying to expand more and wider overseas markets, most of the prices we showed have been marked down till extremely favorable and competitive. Manufacturer always only deal with wholesale price, but we deal with much more reasonable price than that. So there is no doubts that we are ultimate manufacturer that can provide competitive price with guaranteed quality. We are the best choice that you shouldn’t miss.

    In summary of the short 3 days of happy and meaningful work experiences, we got know exactly that F2F business will be much better and more effective than B2B. We decided to grab more chances to show better performances in more exhibitions. F2F communications with our full sincerity is the only good way for you to learn about our best quality, best price and best service. Thanks for concerning!



    Zhongshan Zhuoyin Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

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